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Art of Pop: Remote Vocal Performance Service
                          for Composers, Producers and Publishers!
                               * Pop, World, Dance, Christian, Jazz, Country *
ultiple Languages! Your choice of mics! ~

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Are you a songwriter, producer, publisher or DJ needing a full, passionate, warm, ethereal voices, (with tremendous fluidity and excellent intonation) to bring one of your songs to life? Have Art of Pop
(AoP) record the vocal for you, in our studio here in San Francisco!

Finished Performance delivered to you in 48-72 hours! Starting at only $100 per song! Up to 3 Performances.
  • Lead and Background - Client may request lead vocal in the form of a freestyle/improv vocal solo, or string of them.
  • Soprano through Baritone; bright, clear, ethereal and smooth in all registers.
  • Dance, Pop, R&B, Jazz, Country, Latin, Christian, Alternative. 
  • Multilingual: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, Quenya.
  • Choice of DAWs: Ableton, Sonar, Nuendo, Cubase, Logic, Gigastudio. (If you are using one of the DAWs above, or have a preference of one, you may indicate your preference in your order.)
  • Broad choice of mics: Alesis; Audio-Technica; Audix; B&K; Behringer; Beyerdynamic3; Brau; CAD; Coles; Earthworks; Electro-Voice; Groove Tubes; Lawson; Manley Labs; Marshall; MicroTech; Neumann; Oktava; RCA; Rode; Royer; Sennheiser; Shure Beta; Sony; Soundelux; Tannoy; Telefunken; Ultravoice.

    How it Works

    You send me your composition's materials, I record the vocal for you and return a finished performance in 48-72hours. That's the gist of it.

    Please read through this page (or leave the tab open and continuing doing other 'Net things) while you listen to the songs from the Archangel Diaries in the music player above to get familiar with the Art of Pop voice. Or, use the music player to skip around and hear an EuroPop, Dance, Jazz and Inspirational variety. The songs' emotional range is from light to passionate to yearning to playful, to delicate to adventurous to soft and pious. If you have a tune that's been waiting for a voice like mine, read the info below, complete and submit the Performance Request Form along with the appropriate deposit (listed in the Rates table below) and the materials required to comprehend your needs. I'll record a vocal Performance for your song and deliver it to you, dry and synchronized, (albeit the latter being a 5-minute demo, voice, reverb and levels), and.

    I just sing your song; you retain all rights to it. You send me a rough copy of the song or a lead sheet, along with your rhythm track and lyric sheet. (If the song's in a non-English language, you also provide an English translation of the lyrics. If it's a language other than the ones listed above, just provide a recitation of the lyrics, so I can hear acccurate pronunciation of the words and I'll sing it for you with a 4-day delivery time.) Latin and Cyrillic alphabets only.

    Not all songs fit all singers; I sing songs that fit my instrument. I'll listen to your song and, if I'm comfortable with it, will accept the job; if not, I'll not collect your deposit and will notify you of my decision and my deletion of your song from Art of Pop's systems. When my part is done on the songs I accept, I'll send you an edited version of the finished Performance, (with a soundmark, a soft 1-second beep, every 15 seconds); if you like it, deposit the remaining balance due into my PayPal account and, when I have received it, I'll send you a link to download the entire Performance, without the soundmark. That's it; sweet and simple.

    You've got songs waiting to be heard!
      No need to wait any longer for a very good vocalist to sing them! Just read and agree to the Vocal Perfomance Production Agreement below, submit the form thereafter, include your deposit and send your song over; let's hear it breathe!

    Ready? Let's go!  It's just like counting down a song - 1-2-3-4!

    Step 1: Read through the Agreement

    Art of Pop Vocal Performance Production Agreement

    The following sets forth the specifics of the Vocal Performance Production Agreement between you [songwriter, producer, publisher, etc.], hereunder referred to as the "Client" and Michaele Alyras de Cygne, dba "Art of Pop", hereunder referred to as the "Company". The Company agrees to produce audio recording(s),
    hereunder referred to as "Performance", of vocal part(s) of an original music composition, hereunder referred to as "Composition"�, and to deliver such recording(s) to the Client in standalone form as well as synchronized with rhythm tracks (provided by the Client.)

    A. The Composition
    The Composition embodied in the Performance shall be determined by the Client and shall not exceed five [5] minutes in length. Prior to the Company's commencement of production of the Performance, the Client shall provide the Company with
    1) an mp3 or Ogg Vorbis [.ogg] file embodying a recording of the Composition's rhythm track,
    2) it's tempo,
    3) a complete set of the Composition's lyrics
    4) either notation or a "scratch vocal" performance by the Client that simply gives an indication of the melodic timing.
    5) Relative to non-English songs, the Client shall also provide the Company with English translations of non-English  lyrics as well as a supplemental mp3 embodying a clearly and well enunciated recitation of the lyrics.
    The Company's production of the Performance shall not commence until all of the Items relative this section have been delivered to the Company by the Client.

    B. Vocal Performance
    The Company shall interpret the Composition's melody in keeping with the representation of said melody provided by the Client. The Client may also provide the Company with specific instructions for preferred dynamics relative to any portion of the Performance. All creative decisions concerning the subtleties of the vocal performance(s) embodied in the Composition's Performance shall be determined by the Company.

    C. Compensation
    1. The recording cost or "fee" for the Performance is set at $100 USD per single Composition, $160 USD per double Composition, $220 USD per triple Composition.

    2. In the event the Client chooses to commercially release the Composition with AoP's vocal, AoP shall also be credited for all relevant performances embodied therein as follows:
    a) Lead vocal Performance(s) for Pop, World, Dance or Country tracks will receive song title credits, the Client including "feat. Alyras" or "featuring Alyras" immediately after the song title.
    b) Lead vocal Performance(s) for Jazz tracks will receive song title credits, the Client including "feat. Michaele de Cygne" or "featuring Michaele de Cygne" immediately after the song title.
    c) Lead vocal Performance(s) for Christian tracks will receive song title credits, the Client including "feat. Rev. Michaele de Cygne" or "featuring Rev. Michaele de Cygne" immediately after the song title.
    d) Background vocal Performance(s) for Pop, World, Dance or Country tracks will receive liner notes credits, the Client including "Background vocals: Alyras" or like inclusion, or including "Alyras" in background vocal credits with other vocalists performing on the same track.
    e) Background vocal Performance(s) for Jazz tracks will receive liner notes credits, the Client including "Background vocals: Michaele de Cygne" or like inclusion, or including "Michaele de Cygne" in background vocal credits with other vocalists performing on the same track.
    f) Background vocal Performance(s) for Christian tracks will receive liner notes credits, the Client including "Background vocals: Rev. Michaele de Cygne" or like inclusion, or including "Rev. Michaele de Cygne" in background vocal credits with other vocalists performing on the same track.
    These notes will be electronically embedded in the file information of all reproductions of the Composition distributed by the Client in which they are embodied.
    Client agrees to be solely responsible for the payment of the Performance fee(s). The Client shall render payment of the fee(s) to the Company prior to the Company's delivery of the Performance(s) to the Client. Client also agrees to insure the inclusion of the provisions of Item 2 of this Section in all subsequent agreements into which Client or Client's designee or their successors senter regarding the reproduction and distribution of any and all media embodying said Performance(s), in perpetuity.

    D. Work for hire  

    Notwithstanding any provision of this Agreement, the Performance(s) produced by the Company hereunder from the inception of the recording thereof, and all reproductions made therefrom, together with the Performance(s) embodied therein and all copyrights therein and thereto, and all renewals and extensions thereof, shall be entirely Client's property, free of any claims whatsoever by the Company. Client or Client's designee (including, but not limited to, Client's Record Company) shall, accordingly, have the sole and exclusive right to copyright the Performance, phonograph records, or other reproductions, in Client's or Client's designee's name, as the owner and author thereof, and to secure any and all renewals and extensions of such copyrights, (it being understood that for such purposes the Company and all other persons rendering services in connection with such Performance shall be Client's employees for hire and that each Performance shall be considered a "work made for hire").

    E. Restrictions
    Without limitation of any of the foregoing, Client and/or Client's designees shall have the exclusive, universal right in perpetuity to: manufacture and distribute CD's and or other reproductions (visual and non-visual) embodying the Performance; to convey or otherwise use or dispose of the Performance by any method now or hereafter known, in any field of use; to distribute CDs or other reproductions embodying the Performance under any trademarks, trade names, or labels; to synchronize the Performance in audiovisual works; to permit the public performance thereof by radio or television broadcast, or any other method now or hereafter known; all upon such terms and conditions as Client may approve. In addition, Client and/or Client's designees shall have the exclusive universal right in perpetuity to permit any other person, firm, or corporation to do any or all of the foregoing or Client may refrain from doing any and all of the foregoing for any purpose whatsoever. All such distributions of the Performance by the Client or any of the Client's
    designees and their successors shall include the appropriate written statement(s) relative to the provisions of Section C(2) above.

    F. Delivery
    1) The Company shall deliver the completed Performance to the Client within 48 to 72 hours after the Company's receipt of the Deposit from the Client. The time of the Company's receipt of the Deposit shall denote the commencement of the
    Company's production cycle for the Performances due to the Client by the Company for said Composition. Confirmation of the Company's receipt of the Deposit shall be electroncially directed to the Client immediately upon such reception.
    2) The Company shall deliver the Performance(s) to the Client in .wav or .aiff format, recorded in 24-bit at a 44100Hz sample rate, or at the Clients designated sample and bit rates if the Client prefers higher or lower bit and sample rates.

    G. Indemnification
    The Client hereby warrants to be the sole owner or the duly authorized representative of all persons and parties who hold claim of ownership of all intellectual property rights to the Composition.  The Client hereby agrees and shall insure that its designees
    and their successors agree to indemnify, defend and hold the Company and all of its officers, directors, owners, employees, agents, affiliates, partners, and licensors (collectively, the "Company Parties") harmless from and against any and all liability, losses, costs, and expenses (including attorneys' fees) incurred by any party in connection with any claim, including, but not limited to claims of violation of rights of publicity and/or privacy, copyright infringement arising out of the Client's use of the Performance embodied in the Composition.

    H. Governance and Consideration
    This Agreement is entered into in the City and County of San Francisco, CA and is governed by all applicable laws and treaties of the State of California and the United States of America. In consideration of the provisions herein set forth, the Client agrees to render a Deposit to the Company, in accordance with the number of Performances the Client is ordering, as per the Rates table below, thus securing the Company's production commitment relative to the Composition listed below. 

    Step 2: Complete and Submit the Vocal Performance Request Form

    Vocal Performance Request Form

       First Name
       Last Name
       Address 1
       Address 2
       U.S. State
       Zip/Postal Code
       Contact Phone
       Composition 1 Title
       Composition 1 Genre
       Composition 1 Tempo

       Performance 1 Microphone     

       Composition 2 Title
       Composition 2 Genre
       Composition 2 Tempo

       Performance 2 Microphone   

       Composition 3 Title
       Composition 3 Genre
       Composition 3 Tempo

       Performance 3 Microphone   
    Upon penalty of perjury, I hereby confirm that I have completely read the Vocal Performance Production Agreement, that I am the Client designated by this Form or have the authority to represent the Client and hereby authorize and enter into this Agreement.
        Check to sign.

    After submitting the Form, use the appropriate Deposit button below to submit your deposit.

    Step 3: Submit Your Deposit

                                                                   Rates: Lead Vocal
    # of Songs
    Turnaround (after job has been accepted)
     2 Days
     3 Days
     3 Days

    Deposit for Lead Vocal Performances
    Name of Composition #1
    Name of Composition #2
    Name of Composition #3

                                       Rates: Background Vocal
    # of Parts
    Turnaround (after job has been accepted)
     2 Days
     3 Days
     3 Days

    Deposit for Background Vocal Performances
    Name of Composition #1
    Name of Composition #2
    Name of Composition #3

    Step 4: Email us Your Composition Materials

    Please gather the following:
    A) a .mp3 embodying a basic sketch of each Composition, (including melody* and Rhythm Track**), or a lead sheet,
    B) a
    .mp3 embodying a standalone copy of the Rhythm Track
    C) a
    .mp3 embodying a recitation of the lyrics*** and
    D) a copy of the lyrics, in .rtf format, (
    Latin and Cyrillic alphabets only) and
    place them into a .zip or .rar file,
    upload the file to your server, or to your account on a free file sharing site such as Zshare and
    send us a link to the file so we can download it.

    * Melodies can be a "scratch vocal" sung by the composer or a MIDI playback of a lead sheet. For Background Vocal Performances, Client must provide melodies for each part. Maximum 3 part, S, A, T or B.

    Rhythm Track can be as simple as a solo instrument track or a fully developed instrumental arrangement.
    All Rhythm Tracks MUST begin at Bar 2, beat 1.000 of the Composition.

    This recitation is required for Company to insure the Performance represents the emotional content of the lyrics, as closely as possible to the author's intention. Please insure the lyrics are recited accordingly. This item is valuable, but not necessary.

    That's it!

    You take the steps to get us on board and we'll help you bring your Composition to Life!

    We're here for you; whenever you're ready, so are we.

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