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Certified as a practitioner of Sound, Voice, and Music in the Healing Arts (by the California Institute of Integral Studies), Art of Pop provides such healing services for persons living with physical, emotional, and psychological illness, and/or impairment.



~ MIDI Composition, (including conversion of percussion tracks created in MIDI editors for dedicated import into Reason.)
~ Creating Beats From Vocally Recorded Parts.
~ Reproduction of Recorded Tracks in MIDI.
~ Songwriting
~ Jingles/Biz Themes
~ Sound design

Instrumental and Vocal arrangement in the following styles:
Pop; Hip-Hop/Rap; Electronica/Dance; Rock; Latin; World; Country;

Excellent results; low rates! AoP will bring out the best in your music, delivering your tracks ready for radio and digital distribution!

Audio Processing:
~ Removal of unnecessary portions of recordings.
~ Removal of artifacts (noise, pops and clicks) from recordings.
~ Splicing of separate recordings into a single file.
~ Pitch correction.
~ Tempo alteration; without pitch change.

Vocal Editing:
~ Quantizing of vocal tracks to instrumental tracks.
~ Harmonic Enhancement.
~ All of the options relative to our Audio Procession.

emote Vocal Performance:

SATB; Lead and Background for songwriter, composer and producer demos. Effectively, we'll record vocals for your tracks and deliver the finished tracks to you, ready to sync with your project.
* This service is temporarily unavailable.*

Copy editing for professional web sites, and traditional literature, (e.g. manuscripts, academic, and scientific documents, and publications.)
* This service is temporarily unavailable.*


(Example score .pdf -
 Mp3 of scored composition.)
~ Ensemble notation from MIDI;
~ Solo voice/instrumental notation from recordings or MIDI;
~ Orchestral notation from composer notes; transcription from recordings;
~ Adding chords and chord charts to existing notation;
~ Lead sheets, (melody, lyrics, chords [w/ guitar fingerings])
~ Chord Charts From Melodies
     (Have you written a song with just a melody and words? AoP will put chords to it for you!);
~ Chord Charts From Existing Recordings.
     (Do you have a song you’d like to perform with musicians, but can’t find the chords? AoP will figure out the chords and write one for you.)

Art of Pop uses both Finale and Sibelius, (primarily the former), to fulfill its copyist services.
(Fees based on AFM rates.)


Cassette Tape to mp3 Transfer
     (Have your old gospel choir, sermons, lectures or other content on cassettes converted to mp3s!)

DAW Conversion:
Conversion of projects from one DAW format to another:

InfoTech - (General and Entertainment IT)
Broad array of IT skills
and services; hardware, software, CS, QA, datacenter and more for your performance's IT needs.

As a sacred organization, AoP is an open and affirming company, happy to serve all professionals, and Christ-focused ministries, both straight, and LGBT.  AoP will not serve any project that wishes to limit any individual's, or group's civil, and/or human rights.


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