Evandilyon Yohanneo:
The Gospel of John
in Quenya!




sound of the sea
"Ilúvamil" means "Mother of All" in Quenya, the Elven High Language.  Ilúvamil is a collaborative project produced by Art of Pop.  Ilúvamil presents spiritually focused, original music, and other media for the edification of contemporary Eldalië (people of the Elves), as well as others who love and identify with them.
Ilúvamil is:  Arehtë,
                   (wordsmith, Rodger Francis  Ashton-Smith), and
                   Alqounfëa,                    (composer, vocalist,  Alyras.) 
Their latest release is"I Yestassë" (In the Beginning)

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  Lyrics included!
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"I Yestassë" (In the Beginning)         
7 Beautiful, Elven Songs: Three electronica tracks, plus the four chants from the Yestare Suite!

Lyrics:  I Calyala Latie;   Oiolumelle Er;   Ilimya Nolender;     
            The Yestare Suite


         Nai tielyar nauvar laiquë ar hwesta cana le.
                                             Elvish Tao T
ë Ching

                                             Altatie :: Quenya Tao Te
                          Ching Promo Video

"I Yestassë" (In the Beginning)               

[Quenya] Namarie ~ (Galadriel’s Song ~ Words: JRR Tolkien; Music: Alyras)

[Que.] Iluvamil ~ I Calyala Latie

[Que.] Iluvamil ~ Ilimya Nolender

[Que.] Iluvamil ~ Muina Menele

[Que.] Iluvamil ~ Oiolumelle Er

Namárië: Galadriel's farewell song to
the Fellowship of the Ring!

The Ilúvamil expression!
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Lyrics to all songs with
instruments were written by Rumi.
Those to all chants are from the Tao Te
Ching, by Lao Tzu. All lyrics translated by
Arehtë (Rodger Ashton-Smith.) All music was
composed and performed by Alquonf
ëa (Alyras.)

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