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"Iluvamil" means "Mother of All" in Quenya, the Elven High Language.  Iluvamil is both a collaborative music project and part of the dance music arm of Art of Pop.  Iluvamil presents spiritually focused, original music for the edification of contemporary Elves and others who love and identify with them.

Nai tielyar nauvar laiquë ar hwesta cana le.

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Iluvamil is currently preparing for the release of several songs from their upcoming album, "Sirens of Western Winds", including their version of J.R.R. Tolkien's "Namarie". (The chants below are the first steps of Iluvmail's song development,
the seeds of the dance tracks. As such, they are the Composer's Reference versions, the composer singing them after completing the melodic compositions in order to have fundamental references to build the completed pieces. In all of them, the focus is on the composition, not the performance.)

The Yestare Suite

Namarie ~ Galadriel's farewell song to the Fellowship of the Ring

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