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He is There Six-part a cappella composition, SSATTB; Christian.

Love is the Only Rule
One of only three songs ever written in the Tzolkin's 13-tone Harmonic Scale. Galactic Scale, galactic vibe; grounded in Earth's pulse. Love; the Dark; the Womb; Light... Recorded live.

Evandilyon Yohannëo

The Gospel of John, translated into Quenya by Helge Fauksanger.

Excerpts from the Tao Te Ching Portions of the Tao Te Ching, translated into Quenya by Rodger Ashton-Smith.

The Holy Bible - Text
The entire Bible in the following versions: KJV; New KJV; 21st Century KJV; Spanish KJV; Revised Standard (with Apocrypha); New American; New American Standard; Amplified; Basic English; New International and the Apocrypha. (Great Bible reference resource! Stay tune for updates!)

The Holy Bible - KJV Audio Version ~ 1.9Gb
This is a slower version of the popular Stephen Johnston recording, (the original version of which most people agree is just entirely too fast.) Download and enjoy this more comfortably paced version!
The full text collection above is included with the audio version!

Twilight  - click to hear.
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A sample of the blend of the Tzolkin-based BrainGain and NASA recordings of solar wind. See Elvea Systems for more information; click on "Related Articles", then on "The Tzolkin and Solar Wind":

Suicide Prevention Kit
Advancing teen/youth suicide prevention. Helpful information and tools, including an HTML file that opens the National Suicide Prevention Directory


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