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The Unfinished Album

Between mid-2008 and October 2010, Art of Pop (AoP) was simultaneously developing 4 albums, one for each of the label’s conventional music profiles.  That October, after taking a 6 month hiatus in order to attend to urgent personal matters, AoP resumed production on these works, in order to complete them for release during the following December.  One night, inadvertently,  within seconds, all of the hard drives containing all of the production data and the backups for all of the albums were wiped clean; almost ALL of the work she had done between 2004 and that date was permanently lost.  (Later, she discovered DVD backups of music from the [Elven]  Ilúvamil profile, dating back to the end of 2008; otherwise, it was a total loss.)  Although they were nearly completed, all the songs she’d been preparing for release at the end of 2010 remained unfinished.  Hence, this collection of most of those songs, entitled, “The Unfinished Album.”

Although uncompleted, all of the songs herein were produced at least up to 80% of what was envisioned and planned for them.  The final 20% was primarily updating lead vocals, (many of the lead vocals on these versions are still the demo/reference vocals), and improved mixes, so (for the most part) the listener is hearing the songs as they would have been in the final versions.  AoP would have preferred to share the fulfillment of her vision, however she is pleased to be able to provide these tracks for the enjoyment of all her present and future fans.

Released June, 2011
Produced by Art of Pop
Copyright by de Cygne. All rights reserved.

Liner Notes:

Copyright by Art of Pop.