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Art of Pop: Jingle Composition Service

Be Seen AND Heard!

Yours is a growing business or organization.  You're planning to use the
conventional and/or Internet broadcast technology to broaden your outreach to a wider demographic.  You've got a great logo, so people can visually recognize your organization, however, understanding people remember what they see and hear more than what they only see or hear, you're lacking an jingle that catches the ear the way your visual logo catches the eye.  That's where Art of Pop comes into the plan.

One of our principal gifts and capacities is music composition.  For us, it comes quickly, interestingly and inspirationally.  Based on your organization's identity, we'll create an jingle for you that people can quickly recognize, by which they can readily recall your organization and what you're providing. 

How It Works

1) First, read through the Agreement below and consider three examples of music that collectively represent the community you serve.  For instance, when you consider the collective community your organization serves, your perception is that Country music is what people are listening to most, while Rock and Pop are the next in line.  Or the primary music of that community is Hip Hop, with Pop and Jazz next in line.  Or Classical, World and Polka are the primary music of that community.  Give us that info to better target the Composition.  Along with the three types of music, provide us with your org's slogan or a particular catch phrase that you'd like to be the focus of the jingle, (if, in fact, you'd like to have a voice included therein, otherwise the music types are all that we need.) 

2) Next, we use the information you provide us to develop
a jingle that those whom you're seeking to reach can easily remember.  The final product will be between 20 and 25 seconds long.  Then, we'll send a basic MIDI version of it to you for your approval.  (The original version of the composition will be wholly owned by Art of Pop.)

3) Upon your approval of the MIDI version, you
select the type of final product you desire, i.e. a simple music only Composition or one with vocals too.  Based on your desired final product, provide us with a 50% deposit for the type of jingle you prefer and send us your organization's general presentation to its clientele/beneficiaries.

4) We'll render the final product and deliver a "watermarked" version of it to you. If it meets your approval, simply deliver the remaining half of our fee to us and we send you three edits of the jingle; a 10-second, 15-second and full version.  Voila; there it is!

5) Generally, turnaround time for the watermarked version is up to one week.  Upon approval, the turnaround for the final delivery is 24-36 hours after we've received the final payment. (As per the work for hire nature of the Agreement, our transfer of the copyright to the jingle will be transferred to you upon our final delivery of the jingle to you.)

Be seen AND heard!  You've spent time to visually brand your organization; now, do so audibly too. 
Audibly brand your radio broadcasts, podcasts, Youtube presentations, CDs and DVDs and any other media that people will listen to also.  Ready to make your presentations rock?  If so, let's roll.  Please review the Jingle Composition Agreement below, email us your visual presentation and catch phrases and we'll get moving for you!

Jingle Composition Agreement

The following sets forth the specifics of the Jingle Composition Agreement between your organization hereunder referred to as the "Client" and Art of Pop, hereunder referred to as the "Composer". The Composer agrees to produce one music composition, or hereunder referred to as "Jingle" and/or
"Composition", and to deliver such Jingle as a finished Composition to the Client, as specified below.

A. The Jingle

The Jingle embodied in the Composition shall be determined by the Composer and shall not exceed 25 seconds in length. Prior to the Composer's commencement of the rendering of the Composition, the Client shall provide the Composer with

1) a full, digital copy of the Client's general representation to its clientele/beneficiaries, along with

2) three types of music that best apply to its target audience.

Composer's production of the Composition shall commence only after all of the Items relative to this section have been delivered to the Composer by the Client.

B. The Composition
Composer shall use the materials provided by the Client, pursuant to Section A above, to develop the Composition. The Client may also provide the Composer with additional instructions for preferred dynamics relative to any portion of the Jingle embodied in the Composition, e.g. tempo, male or female lead voice, number of background harmonies. Such instructions will be regarded as essential elements of the Jingle.

C. Compensation
1. The base cost or "fee" for the
Composition, without vocals, is set at $400 USD.  The compensation for Compositions embodying one or more vocals will be an additional $100.00 per vocal part.

2. Client agrees to be solely responsible for the payment of the Composition fee. The Client shall render payment of the fee(s) to the
Composer prior to the Composer's delivery of the Composition to the Client.

3. Client agrees to pay the Composer a fifty percent 50% deposit, in advance of the Composer's commencement of the any of the services herein delineated.

D. Work for hire  

Notwithstanding any provision of this Agreement, the Composition produced by the Composer hereunder from the inception of the rendering thereof, and all reproductions made therefrom, together with the Jingle embodied therein and all copyrights therein and thereto, and all renewals and extensions thereof, shall be entirely the Client's property, free of any claims whatsoever by the Composer. Client or Client's designee shall, accordingly, have the sole and exclusive right to copyright the Composition, phonograph records, or other reproductions made therefrom, in Client's or Client's designee's name, as the owner and author thereof, and to secure any and all renewals and extensions of such copyrights, (it being understood that for such purposes the Composer and all other persons rendering services in connection with such Composition shall be Client's employees for hire and that the Composition shall be considered a "work made for hire").

E. Restrictions
Without limitation of any of the foregoing, Client and/or Client's designees shall have the exclusive, universal right in perpetuity to: manufacture and distribute any reproduction (visual and non-visual) embodying the
Composition; to convey or otherwise use or dispose of the Composition by any method now or hereafter known, in any field of use; to distribute reproduction embodying the Composition under any trademarks, trade names, or labels; to synchronize the Composition in audiovisual works; to permit the public performance thereof by radio or television broadcast, or any other method now or hereafter known; all upon such terms and conditions as Client may approve. In addition, Client and/or Client's designees shall have the exclusive universal right in perpetuity to permit any other person, firm, or corporation to do any or all of the foregoing or Client may refrain from doing any and all of the foregoing for any purpose whatsoever.

F. Delivery
1) The
Composer shall deliver a watermarked version of the completed Composition to the Client within one [1] week after the Composer’s receipt of the Deposit from the Client. The time of the Composer's receipt of the Deposit shall denote the commencement of the Composer’s production cycle for the Composition due to the Client by the Composer. Confirmation of the Composer's receipt of the Deposit shall be electroncially directed to the Client immediately upon such reception.

2) The
Composer shall deliver the Composition to the Client in .wav or .aiff format, recorded in 24-bit at a 44100Hz sample rate, or at the Clients designated sample and bit rates if the Client prefers higher or lower bit and sample rates.

3)  Upon the Client's approval of the Composition, the Composer will deliver three edits of the Composition to the Client; one 10-second, one 15-second and a full version.

G. Indemnification
The Client hereby warrants to be the sole owner or the duly authorized representative of all persons and parties who hold claim of ownership of all intellectual property rights to the materials provided to the Composer pursuant to Section 1 above
. The Client hereby agrees and shall insure that its designees and their successors agree to indemnify, defend and hold the Composer and all of its officers, directors, owners, employees, agents, affiliates, partners, and licensors (collectively, the "Composer Parties") harmless from and against any and all liability, losses, costs, and expenses (including attorneys' fees) incurred by any party in connection with any claim, including, but not limited to claims of violation of rights of publicity and/or privacy, copyright infringement arising out of the Client’s use of the Jingle embodied in the Composition.

H. Governance and Consideration
This Agreement is entered into in the City and County of San Francisco, CA and is governed by all applicable laws and treaties of the State of California and the United States of America. In consideration of the provisions herein set forth, the Client agrees to render a fifty percent [50%] Deposit to the
Composer, in accordance with the number of Compositions the Client is ordering, as per the Rates table below, thus securing the Compposer’s production commitment relative to the Composition. 

How to Submit Your Deposit
Your acceptance of the above Agreement is considered to be inherent to your submitting your deposit for your jingle.


Type of Jingle
 Turnaround (after job has been accepted)

  Music Only
 1 week (all types)
   One Vocal
  Music and Lead Vocal
 $500.00 $250.00
   Two Vocals   Music, Lead and 1 Background Vocal  $600.00 $300.00
   Three Vocals
  Music, Lead and 2 Background Vocals  $700.00 $350.00

   Four Vocals
  Music, Lead and 3 Background Vocals  $800.00

Jingle Deposit

We're Pleased to Assist You!!

Thank you for enlisting Art of Pop to help your organization succeed in reaching the people you're there to serve.  We're honored to share your journey with you!

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