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All songs above arranged by Art of Pop.


Art of Pop: Music Arrangement Services

As a music producer or publisher, you know the arrangement of a song can make or break it.  A great song with a weak arrangement will fail, while a weak song with a great arrangement may become an hit.  The goal of the arranger ought to be to create a track that will interest and inspire the greatest number of listeners; that's what we're good at.

Specializing in Pop, Hip-Hop/Rap, Electronica/Dance,
Latin, World, Country, Rock and Jazz styles, Art of Pop will provide your songs with arrangements that people will repeatedly enjoy hearing. If you're a producer, publisher or songwriter developing a demo of your song(s) that will help you succeed in getting it out to the world, en masse, contact Art of Pop; we'll deliver it for you!  If you like the feel of the our arrangements, as per the demos above, contact us via the email address above to discuss how Art of Pop may help your project to succeed.


Vocal only: SATB (including multiple parts, e.g. SSATTB)

     Small band/combo,  (i.e. duo, trio, quartet.)
          Full band, (5 or more instruments, including percussion.
Up to 16 tracks, including percussion.)
               Vocal group/ensemble,  (SATB plus small combo or chamber orchestra.
Up to 16 tracks, including percussion.)   
                    Vocal group w/band, (SATB plus 5 or more instruments, including percussion.
Up to 16 tracks, including percussion.)


For each Art of Pop arrangement, we'll provide you with any combination of MIDI file, performance ready audio file and/or score. Our fees for each option are below.

(Maximum duration = 4.5 minutes)

Type of Arrangement Production Ready MIDI File (Including Vocal Parts)
Performance Ready Audio (sans Vocals)
Vocal only 100-300

100-200 [SATB]**
Small band/combo 100-300 100-300 100-200
Full band 200-400
200-400 200-350
Vocal group w/ combo/ensemble 200-400
100-300 200-350
Vocal group w/ band 300-500
200-400 200-500

* Finale .MUS files are provided with the score, to enable clients to generate individual parts for musicians and singers.
** Add €25 per each additional voice.

Feel free to contact us to discuss Art of Pop providing arrangement for pieces requiring more than 16 parts.

Original Art of Pop arrangements for existing works in the public domain will require the above fees; Art of Pop will retain the copyright to the arrangement(s), requiring royalties for all relative performances thereof.

Per Piece Turnaround: 1-2 weeks, depending on the scope of the piece.

Contents and copy © by Art of Pop. All rights reserved.