*** MIDI Compositions - (Taken to Production) ***

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All instrumental tracks rendered in MIDI by Art of Pop.
: midicomp@artofpop.com

Art of Pop: MIDI Composition Service
for Hip-Hop, Pop, Dance, World, Jazz, Country, Classical...
Producers, Songwriters, Composers, Artists, Publishers


Today, more music is produced via MIDI programming than by professional musicians. Programming MIDI to bring music to life is both a skill and an art. Many people have the skill; very few have mastered the art. The art of MIDI is a specialty of Art of Pop

Of the
AoP profiles, all Alyras and Iluvamil songs were completely rendered in MIDI as the first step of preproduction. We can do for you what we do for our company.

We can render the following to MIDI:
  • Recorded vocal sketches of instrumental passages, (for artists who can mouth, but not play or program the parts.)
  • Instrumental performances in audio recordings, (all instruments.)
  • Vocal modulation and expression of vocal recordings, (e.g. background vocals.)
  • Manuscripts/scores, (programming the notation, with feeling.)
Finished Composition(s) delivered to you in one [1] week! Flat fee( 1/2 priced): $100 per minute of playback time, (or fraction of a minute [e.g. 4:05 = $500]), up to16 tracks for non-classical, up to 32 tracks for classical works! Basically, that works out to $400-$500 per average, 3.5-4.5-minute song.

Percussion only? No prob! If all you need us to program is your percussion track in General MIDI, i.e. convert what you hear in a recording to MIDI, (which require composition, since software conversion only bunches together, with not articulation per instrument), we'll do that for 1/2 the usual fee!

*** NEW: ***
Reason 4.0 MIDI Percussion Conversion
Challenge: You've got your songs or beats, with their percussion tracks all done in General MIDI (GM). Stuff is jammin'; slammin'!! You open Reason and import the file and everything goes fine, EXCEPT the percussion!! You need articulate control over each instrument and you don't have it. Your MIDI perc track has up to 72 instruments, but ReDrum has only 10! You can assign it to the NN-19, but you really don't have lucid control over each instrument's panning, effects, velocities, etc., like you can with the ReDrum! You've hit an impasse. UGH!!

Solution: AoP will seamlessly convert your GM percussion track, so you can control each instrument through Reason's ReDrum!! Yep; we'll config your track, sending each MIDI perc instrument to a separate ReDrum channel of its own! Quickly select and assign sounds for each instrument, then mix and match them for your own customized drum kits! Pan them as you wish. Quickly and easily set their velocities. Have total pitch control! Apply effects per instrument... . We'll enable you to use Reason's ReDrum to gain lucid control of the percussion you've programmed in GM MIDI and maximize the percussion in your mix!

Basic fee: €25.00 per song/beat.
Within 24 hours (per song - after we've confirmed receipt of your tracks.)
Contact: midicomp@artofpop.com for more information.

No more impasse. No more frustration. A quick solution to your needs.
Now you've got a Reason-able solution to that challenge; what are you waiting for??

MIDI Composition Service: How it Works

Please read through this page while listening to the songs from the Art of Pop selections in the music player above. They are our examples of the MIDI composition skill we bring to you; they were all
completely rendered in MIDI as the first step of preproduction.

We just program your Work; you retain all rights to it.
If you require MIDI composition for recording or live performance or any kind, read the info below, complete and submit the MIDI Composition Agreement below along with the appropriate deposit (listed in the Rates table below) and the materials we require to comprehend your needs. Art of Pop will render your musical Work in MIDI and deliver it to you in a week.

You've got songs waiting to be heard!  Get them out of your head, off the paper and recorded! Just read and agree to the MIDI Composition Agreement below, submit the form thereafter, include your deposit and send your song over; let's hear it breathe!

Step 1: Read through the Agreement

Art of Pop MIDI Composition Agreement

The following sets forth the specifics of the MIDI Composition Agreement between you [songwriter, producer, publisher, etc.], hereunder referred to as the "Client" and Art of Pop, hereunder referred to as the "Company". The Company agrees to produce MIDI composition(s), or hereunder referred to as Composition(s), of recorded or notation music works, hereunder referred to as “Work(s)”, and to deliver such Composition(s) to the Client, as specified below.

A. The Work
The Work(s), (the piece to be rendered into MIDI), embodied in the Composition shall be determined by the Client and shall not exceed five [5] minutes in length. Prior to the Company's commencement of the rendering of the Composition, the Client shall provide the Company with

1) a full representation of the specific elements of the Work
(s) to be rendered into MIDI, e.g. an mp3, FLAC or Ogg Vorbis file embodying a recording of the Work’s rhythm track or a clearly legible manuscript, with tempo designated and

2) if the above representation is a part of a larger recording, a basic mix of the full recording in order for us to interpret the Work
(s) in a manner that most effectively flows with the rest of the recording.

The Company's production of the
Composition shall commence only after all of the Items relative to this section have been delivered to the Company by the Client.

B. The Composition
The Company shall interpret the Work’s component parts, in keeping with the representation of the Work
(s) provided by the Client. The Client may also provide the Company with specific, written instructions for preferred dynamics relative to any portion of the Work(s). Such instructions will be regarded as essential parts of the Work(s).
C. Compensation
1. The cost or "fee" for the
(s) is set at $100 USD per minute of playback time. Projects involving more than one Work will receive a 40% discount on each additional Work, (hence the Company's fee of $60 USD per sequence minute for each additional Composition.)

2. Client agrees to be solely responsible for the payment of the Composition fee(s). The Client shall render payment of the fee(s) to the Company prior to the Company's delivery of the
Composition(s) to the Client.

The Company agrees to deliver an audio recording of the finished Composition(s) to the Client in order for the Client to confirm the Composition
(s) has/have been rendered to her satisfaction.

3. Client agrees to pay the Company a deposit, in advance of the Company's commencement of the
any of the services herein delineated.

D. Work for hire  

Notwithstanding any provision of this Agreement, the Composition(s) produced by the Company hereunder from the inception of the rendering thereof, and all reproductions made therefrom, together with the Work(s) embodied therein and all copyrights therein and thereto, and all renewals and extensions thereof, shall be entirely the Client's property, free of any claims whatsoever by the Company. Client or Client's designee (including, but not limited to, Client's Record Company) shall, accordingly, have the sole and exclusive right to copyright the Composition, phonograph records, or other reproductions made therefrom, in Client's or Client's designee's name, as the owner and author thereof, and to secure any and all renewals and extensions of such copyrights, (it being understood that for such purposes the Company and all other persons rendering services in connection with such Composition
(s) shall be Client's employees for hire and that each Composition shall be considered a "work made for hire").

E. Restrictions
Without limitation of any of the foregoing, Client and/or Client's designees shall have the exclusive, universal right in perpetuity to: manufacture and distribute CD's and or other reproductions (visual and non-visual) embodying the
(s); to convey or otherwise use or dispose of the Composition(s) by any method now or hereafter known, in any field of use; to distribute CDs or other reproductions embodying the Composition(s) under any trademarks, trade names, or labels; to synchronize the Composition(s) in audiovisual works; to permit the public performance thereof by radio or television broadcast, or any other method now or hereafter known; all upon such terms and conditions as Client may approve. In addition, Client and/or Client's designees shall have the exclusive universal right in perpetuity to permit any other person, firm, or corporation to do any or all of the foregoing or Client may refrain from doing any and all of the foregoing for any purpose whatsoever.

F. Delivery
1) The Company shall deliver the completed
Composition(s) to the Client within one [1] week after the Company’s receipt of the Deposit from the Client. The time of the Company's receipt of the Deposit shall denote the commencement of the Company’s production cycle for the Composition(s) due to the Client by the Company. Confirmation of the Company's receipt of the Deposit shall be electroncially directed to the Client immediately upon such reception.

2) The Company shall deliver the
Composition(s) to the Client in .wav or .aiff format, recorded in 24-bit at a 44100Hz sample rate, or at the Clients designated sample and bit rates if the Client prefers higher or lower bit and sample rates.

G. Indemnification
The Client hereby warrants to be the sole owner or the duly authorized representative of all persons and parties who hold claim of ownership of all intellectual property rights to the Work
(s). The Client hereby agrees and shall insure that its designees and their successors agree to indemnify, defend and hold the Company and all of its officers, directors, owners, employees, agents, affiliates, partners, and licensors (collectively, the "Company Parties") harmless from and against any and all liability, losses, costs, and expenses (including attorneys' fees) incurred by any party in connection with any claim, including, but not limited to claims of violation of rights of publicity and/or privacy, copyright infringement arising out of the Client’s use of the Work(s) embodied in the Composition(s).

H. Governance and Consideration
This Agreement is entered into in the City and County of San Francisco, CA and is governed by all applicable laws and treaties of the State of California and the United States of America. In consideration of the provisions herein set forth, the Client agrees to render a Deposit to the Company, in accordance with the number of Compositions the Client is ordering, as per the Rates table below, thus securing the Company’s production commitment relative to the Work(s) listed below. 

Step 2: Complete and Submit the MIDI Composition Request Form

MIDI Composition Request Form

   First Name
   Last Name
   Address 1
   Address 2
   U.S. State
    Zip/Postal Code
    Contact Phone
    Work 1 Title
    Work 1 Genre
    Work 1 Tempo
    Work 2 Title
    Work 2 Genre
    Work 2 Tempo
    Work 3 Title
    Work 3 Genre
    Work 3 Tempo

Upon penalty of perjury, I hereby confirm that I have completely read the MIDI Composition Agreement, that I am the Client designated by this Form or have the authority to represent the Client and hereby authorize and enter into this Agreement.

    Check box to sign.

After submitting the Form, use the Deposit button below to submit your deposit.

Step 3
: Submit Your Deposit

                                                            Rates: (AoP's normal rate = $200 USD/minute playback time.)

# of Works
 Turnaround (after job has been   accepted)
 1 week

$100/min + 60.00/min

$200.00  1 week
$100/min + 60.00/min + 60.00/min $300.00  9 days

Percussion Only Compositions (POC)

# of Works
The deposit fee for POC's is 1/2 the total project cost. Pay buttons for such deposits will be provided on a per project basis. As per general projects.

Deposit for MIDI Composition Services.
Name of Work #1
Name of Work #2
Name of Work #3

Fee Calculation: All sequence times are calculated by the 1/2 minute or each fraction thereof. Therefore, i.e. a file of 00:2:03 or 00:2:09 or 00:2:16 is calculated as 00:2:30; the resultant general fee calculation being $100 x 2.5 and the fee calculation for POC's being $50 x 2.5.

Step 4: Email us Your Materials

Please gather the following:
A) a full representation of the specific elements song, e.g. an mp3, FLAC or Ogg Vorbis [.ogg] file embodying a recording of the Composition’s rhythm track or a clearly legible manuscript with tempo designated and

B) if the above representation is a part of a larger recording, a basic mix of the full recording in order for us to interpret the Composition in a manner that most effectively flows with the rest of the recording.

place them into a .zip or .rar file,
    upload the file to your server, or to your account on a free file sharing site such as Zshare and
    send us a link to the file so we can download it.

That's it!

Take the steps to get us on board and we'll help you bring your Work to Life!

We're here for you; whenever you're ready, so are we.

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