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Art of Pop
An Inspirational Artist/Label



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   "Welcome to my world. Art of Pop (AoP) is both my company, and me. (Operating as a single-member LLC), corporately, AoP is the means by which I publicly present my creatiive, intellectual, and scientific works. I personally envision, design, code, and produce almost everything that AoP presents--so, herein everywhere, you're in touch with me. My web site is a labyrinthine, hate-free, ad-free zone. I hope you enjoy being here; if you do, please, tell 2 friends about it."  
<3 <3 ~Alyras

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ll music (composition, development, inst
rumentation, lyrics, vocals, and production) by
Art of Pop; except Immortal Dream and the  Bossa Nova samples, (Desafinado, Meditacao, Insensatez, Brigas Nunca Mais, and Chega de Saudade), which were all composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Immortal Dream is a collaboration of Seth Hartman, (lyricist) Shy Hart, and AoP. Produced by Seth Hartman. Vocals: Alyras & Seth.
Ilúvamil is a collaboration of author Rodger Ashton-Smith, and Art of Pop.
"Namarie": The Song of the Elf Queen, Galadriel, to the Fellowship of the Ring as they departed Lothlorien. Lyrics (Quenya) by JRR Tolkien; Music by Alyras


           Artist's Note: How To Pronounce My Name(s)


Using a hard "k" sound for the "ch", or saying "Michelle" is perfectly fine. ;-)

(Think "French": Remember, the "s" at the end is silent.)

* Translation of Elvish Script: The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

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