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Ethnic Electronica

de Cygne



According to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), global digital music sales have experienced increasing double digit growth for the past four years; generally between 15-25%. (IFPI, 2012) According to SharpBrains, (an inde­pen­dent mar­ket research firm and inno­va­tion think tank), similar growth is evidenced in the Brain Fitness Software market. (SharpBrains; PRWEB, 2010) Art of Pop is a startup focused on generating diverse content for both markets.

The Company

Art of Pop (AoP) is a music entertainment and brain fitness software startup. It's inventory is generated by the creative output of the founder,
(self-contained, electronica singer/songwriter and recording artist,) Michaele Alyras de Cygne; thus, effectively, AoP is both an artist and a record label; an Artist/Label. Art of Pop's inventory is sold directly to consumers, and globally distributed through online retailers; the company is also positioned to operate in collaboration with other labels and companies, through licensing, profit sharing and M&D relationships.

The Company Structure

AoP is fundamentally structured like a typical record label, with an "artist roster" of five "
Profiles"; Alyras, Iluvamil, de Cygne, Dark Mother and Elvëa Systems. Together, they enable the company to supply content to Pop, Dance, Jazz and Inspirational music and
consciousness enhancement/brain fitness media providers, distributors and consumers in North and South American, European, African, Asian and Australian markets. AoP's profiles are:

Alyras is the company's primary commercial entity. Alyras' creative focus is International Pop.

Iluvamil is AoP's most enchanting profile. Its creative focus is Dance, exclusively with a positive, spiritual message and in Quenya, the High Language of the Elves from J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" series.

Although it's third in the company's roster, de Cygne is the powerhouse of the organization, out of which come AoP's overall vision and all its inventory production. As an AoP music profile, de Cygne's specific musicale focus is Jazz, Bossa Nova and (wordless) vocalise in particular.

Creatively, the company's Dark Mother profile provides chants designed to facilitate palliative care and solace for persons transiting the depths of life's darkest, most challenging experiences. LLC also serves as the company's avenue for investors to directly participate in and be enriched by the company, (via the purchasing of securities.) 

Elvëa Systems produces unique, and dynamic consciousness enhancement and Brain Fitness Software providing direct, perfectly balanced, enduring cognitive and consciousness enhancement. Elvëa Systems' software is based in the Tzolkin, (the Mayan Sacred Calendar), expressing the Tzolkin's Code in sound and light. Principally, Elvëa Systems' software is designed to effect dynamic synaptic generation, marketed for all persons who seek to generally enhance their brain and neurological function; focused on persons recovering from brain trauma, stroke and other conditions benefited by highly mentally stimulating activity. Additionally, its software is developed to dynamically affect focused consciousness enhancement, irrespective of the individual's spiritual orientation.

Combined as Art of Pop, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. AoP is organized to be a world class brand relative to music, media, stage and merchandising, operating throughout the universe. The company has just completed its foundational and product development stages and currently is at the beginning of its Growth Phase. Having successfully implemented a solid foundation through small, albeit competitive beginnings, the company is now ready to focus on seriously advancing its operations. To do so, the company requires investment.

The Investment Opportunities (I & II)

Music Media

Superstars are not born or discovered; they are created, by working hard and being well financed, for many years. Commercial success in any aspect of the arts is a basic equation; talent+disciplined focus+persistence+money (investment)=success/stardom. With an increasing number of artists operating as independent, entertainment companies/entrepreneurs, there is a virtual gold mine of highly competitive investment/profit sharing opportunities in the contemporary pool of independent, creative professionals acting as entrepreneurs. Art of Pop is an opportunity for angel investors who are interested in advancing and sharing the profits of one of those entrepreneurs.

The Investment

The company is seeking $2,900,000 (or ) to fund its General Growth Phase for fiscal years 2012-2014; $720K/FY2012, $940K/FY2013, $1.24M/FY2014.  Through its DPO, (presented by its Dark Mother division), you may invest in Art of Pop by purchasing mid-term Corporate BondsBonds will be issued for each fiscal year, according to the budgets for those years.  Please review the DPO for more understanding of our bond offer.

The Return

Through the company's mid-term Corporate Bonds, principal investment will be fully recouped in 7 years, plus 9% effective annual interest. As an incentive, we are offering angel investors who fund only a specific fiscal year an additional 6% of the company's profits for the duration of the bond terms relative to that year. Investors who fully fund our entire Growth Phase (FY2012-FY2014) will receive an additional 20% share of the company's profits for the collective duration of the bond terms, (which effectively is a 9-year term.)

Brain Fitness Software

The Growing Brain Fitness Software Market

In 2009, brain fitness market research firm, SharpBrains, reported "the size of the US brain fit­ness soft­ware mar­ket at $265M in 2008, up from $225M in 2007 (18% annual growth), and from $100m in 2005." That same year, Long Term Living Magazine estimated the brain fitness market's "
revenues may reach $1 billion, according to the report, and possibly up to $5 billion by 2015... ."

More than ever and increasingly, persons of all ages (including parents for their small children) are seeking cognitive enhancement through digital technology. Producing and distributing unique pattern recognition audio and audiovisual software, Art of Pop's 
Elvëa Systems is in a fundamental position to provide profoundly effective, highly competitive, easy to use and inexpensive brain fitness software to the masses. The hard part, developing the software and getting it on the market, has been done. Currently, Art of Pop (AoP) is seeking investors to progress its Growth Phase and to successfully capture and hold a significant share of the Brain Fitness Software market's consumer sector.

The Investment

Fundamentally, Elvëa Systems is seeking $60,000.00 (or ) in seed funds in order to advance the Elvëa Systems Growth Phase during the fiscal year 2012-2013; primarily to initiate research of its products in order to empirically substantiate their effectiveness and to advance promotion of its Hyperaxon Series.  Through Art of Pop's Dark Mother LLC, you may invest in Art of Pop by purchasing mid-term Corporate BondsPlease review the DPO for more understanding of our bond offer.

The Return

Through the company's mid-term Corporate Bonds, principal investment will be fully recouped in 4 years, plus 9% effective annual interest.

Note: Art of Pop does not participate in any investment relationships requiring it to pay advance fees for such investments.

International Investors: Invest in Art of Pop and Obtain Permanent U.S. Residency (Green Card)!

Through its EB-5 program, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service will extend a U.S Green Card to every international investor who will invest at least $500,000.00 in Art of Pop. The program "was designed to encourage foreign investors to create jobs by starting a new business or preserve jobs by investing in money-losing businesses. If they agree to invest $1 million, foreigners can get a visa, apply for green cards, and become conditional permanent residents. After two years, provided they've made good on their promise to invest, created 10 jobs (family members don't count), and the business is still an ongoing concern, they can apply to have those conditions removed. And after five years with a green card, holders can apply for citizenship." (1)

Art of Pop is inviting qualified international investors to be enriched (via the company's financial return and the U.S. government's EB-5 benefit) by investing $1M in the company to enable it to create 10 jobs in the next two years and to build AoP into an highly successful global enterprise.

Qualified/Accredited Investors,
a full disclosure is provided for all interested, qualified purchasers in the form of the company's business plan. Interested parties may request the company's FY2010 Business Plan here.
An indication of interest involves no bond subscription commitment.

Prepared by:

Michaele de Cygne
Art of Pop  


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