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"Hey Cool!" :
lyras speaks out against African American youth-on-youth homicide!

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International Electronica Singer/Songwriter

(Composer, Arranger, Producer, Writer, Lyricist, Artist, Actor, Dancer, Inventor, Visionary, Cleric, Geek...)

[English] Alyras ~ The Girl I Can't Get To :: Recorded Live ::

[English] Alyras ~ Somethin' About You 

[English] Alyras ~ Love is the Only Rule :: Composed, and performed (live) in the Tzolkin's 13-tone Universal Harmonic Scale

[French] Alyras ~ Toi a Paris, et Moi a L.A. .

[English] Alyras ~ Ima (Rough Demo) :: A Call to the Great Mother during the Dark Night of the Soul

[Russian] Alyras ~ Dve Rozi ::

[English] Alyras ~ Hey, Cool!

[English] Alyras ~ He is There ::

Everything (except "Dve "Rozi" Lyrics):  Alyras.

* Lyrics to "Dve Rozi" by Nadezda Mogilev.

Free Download: He is There
A cappella; SSATTB; Inspirational

Hear part of TransContinental Life
on Art of Pop's "Passages I"



At risk of family, church, and community ostraciscm, most Black transgender entertainers remain deeply closeted, with the world rarely, if ever, experiencing, and being enriched by their gifts, and talents.  Thus, they are an invisible, creative contingent, not only in Black LGBT culture, but also generally in the performing arts.  (This is particularly true among those who are born again Christians; furthermore, their vitally important creative, and spiritual gifts are most frequently, and assertively, ignored within, and eschewed from the general Christian community.)  Alyras, and others, are changing that trend.
Among them, (and singer/songwriters, generally,) Alyras is a powerhouse.

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