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Angie (Esta Canção e de Voce)
As Palavras da Vida
Back to Neverland
Beat of My Heart

Give Me Your Time
God is Still Speaking
"Hey, Cool!"
I Have a Girlfriend Who's a Boyfriend

I Wish That She'd Come In
Jesus in the Night
Lasst Liebe Nehmen
Love is the only Rule
She Would Give Up Her Life
Somethin' About You
The Feeling of Love
The Girl I Can't Get To
What's My Motivation?
  Will I Find My Love Tomorrow?


I Calyala Latië  
Ilimya Nolender
Oiolumellë Er  
The Yestare Suite:
I Muina ar I Cenima
I Antára Canta Márëa
Muina Menelë
Almë Útarsa