I Muina ar I Cenima
The Yestare Suite: Movement I
Words by Rodger Ashton-Smith.
Music by
Michaele de Cygne.
Copyright by Rodger Francis Ashton-Smith and de Cygne. All rights reserved.

Background: Tao Te Ching, Chapter 2

I muina ar i cenima nostanna ilya exë
Hranga ar atarsa tyela ilya exë
Anda ar sinta tana ilya exë
Tára ar tumna panya lestannar ilya exë
Óma ar lamma lindëaya ilya exë
Pontë ar pono hilya ilya exë
The hidden and the manifest give birth to each other.
Difficult and easy complement each other.
Long and short exhibit each other.
High and low set measure to each other.
Voice and sound harmonize each other.
Back and front follow each other.

Contents and copy by Art of Pop. All rights reserved.