Elvëa Systems

ynamically Effective, Consumer Friendly,
Consciousness Enhancement and Brain Fitness Software

Hyperaxon Series

Intricate Harmonic Sequences Dynamically Stimulating and Accelerating Brain Fitness

Easy to use mp3 and .exe programs promoting optimum brain function.  High-speed synchronizations of combined Tzol'kin Code sequences engendering dynamic, interhemispheric brain stimulation, enabling you to optimize brain plasticity and alleviate challenges arising from brain impairment and injury. Intensitve; most are subliminal.

Tzolkin Series

Simple Audio/Audiovisual Tzolk'in, Advancing and Enhancing Your Consciousness

Experience the harmonic energies of the Tzolk'in's Signs and Tercenas.
Directly interact with Them and assimilate Them into your life and consciousness.
Meditate with Them and rewire your brain for Universal Consciousness.


Mayan Book
of Wisdom

Long-playing Expressions of Harmonics Evoking 20 Archetypes of Universal Consciousness

Facilitating daily, personal meditation for personal alignment with and assimilation of Universal Consciousness.

All of our software is based in and expresses the harmonic Code embodied in the Tzolk'in, the Mayan Sacred Calendar.
Interest in or knowledge of the Tzol'kin is not required for our software to be dynamically effective in advancing your brain fitness, capacity and power!

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