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Understanding the Nature of the Tzolkin, Consciousness and Elvea Systems: Summary   (Top)

Healing and Transformation With the Tzolkin

The Tzolkin is a superior technology designed to effect transformation of the human microcosm into its highest Divine expression. That transformation is the primary function of the Tzolkin's Code. (While the Code is dynamically transmitted via starlight, most people interact with It in a simple and static manner, using two dimensional symbols of Its Objects to tap Its vitality. Relative to means for people to effectively use the Tzolkin to progress their personal consciousness toward Universal Consciousness,
the single most effective media on earth are the dynamic expressions of Its Code embodied Elvea Systems products; those products ARE the Tzolkin.)

Likewise, holistic health is an aspect of that Divine expression. Several of Elvea Systems products may be conveniently used as alternative medical therapies. In addition to the benefits gained in the pursuit and attainment of psychic equilibrium and an higher spiritual Mind, our products have been remarkably beneficial in relieving impairment for persons living with
  • the effects of stroke,
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Traumatic Brain Injury and
  • Ambulatory impairment consequent to accidents.
  • Remarkable Benefit from our products may also be experienced by persons living with
  • Down's Syndrome,
  • Cerebral Palsy,
  • MS,
  • MD and
  • other adverse neurological conditions,
  • .
    If the neuronal connections that engender optimum brain and body function have been impaired, the brain will strive to generate new connections to work around the impairment and effect optimum functionality. To do so most effectively, it requires a proper stimulus. The Tzolkin acoustic (and audiovisual) translations are such a stimulus; intensive, safe, nontoxic, noninvasive, portable, universally effective and much more.

    Through repeated use, the Tzokin acoustic translations affect a realignment and upgrading of both brain and body function. The implications for this technology to be remarkably successful in the treatment of a wide array of neurological conditions and disorders are profound. In addition to that, remarkable upgrading of IQ and enduring transformation of consciousness result from repeated use of 
    Elvea Systems products.

    The Message is the Medium

    In summary, the universe is unified through vibration; all vibrations express fundamental frequencies and those frequencies bear and express unique qualities. Through sympathetic vibrations, lower frequency states may be aligned with the qualities of higher frequency states. Humanity is fundamentally capable of receiving, embodying and expressing the unadulterated vibrations of Divine Providence's Universal Consciousness, spiritually, metaphysically and physically. The Tzolkin's Code, the message, is also a medium by which the individual may use the principles of sympathetic vibration to access and assimilate
    the Qualities of the Archetypes of Universal Consciousness therein embodied.  The most dynamic and effective expression of the Code's sequences is in sound and light, not static as in images and man made objects. In the course of experiencing either sound or light translations of the Tzolkin, the brain dynamically rewires itself to engender Universal Consciousness in the listener/viewer and to facilitate a wide range healing benefits as well. This is the Nature of all of Elvea Systems products; we invite you to experience them and the enhancements they may bring to you!

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