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Understanding the Nature of the Tzolkin, Consciousness and Elvea Systems: Advanced I   (Top)

The Sound (and Sight) of the Tzolkin

What It Is

As stated above, the Tzolkin is a Code embodying psychoactive and psychogenetic frequencies relative to Universal Consciousness. The constancy of Its 13 frequencies is like the constancy of the 12 frequencies in the Pythagorean Scale. Accordingly, those frequencies may be transposed into the sound register and used to acoustically express the Tzolkin's permutations. When such transposition is rendered, the Tzolkin becomes audibly translated.

The Celestial Harmonic Scale - The Tzolkin Translated Into Sound (and Light)

In 1987, shortly before the Harmonic Convergence, with the tutelage of Barbra Hero, Michaele de Cygne identified the Tzolkin's frequency values, transposed them into the acoustic/sound register and began to produce recordings of the Tzolkin's sequences. She called the Tzolkin's 13-tone sequence the "Celestial Harmonic Scale" (CHS.)  Thereafter, using a synthesizer, she began to sequence the Tzolkin's Patterns in MIDI, using synthesizers to generate Its sounds.  

Originally, the synths used to translate the Tzolkin were incapable of expressing an equal tempered scale and could only generate a single octave of the frequencies. So, she monophonically recorded the "Loom of Maya,"  applying the single octave, using only the CHS's base tones for each segment recorded. Later, after speaking with (producer) Maurice White about the Tzolkin, he loaned her a keyboard that could generate the CHS across the entire keyboard range. With that, based on the Tzolkin's permutations, those 13 tones were separated and portioned out over a 4-octave span. Then, she polyphonically rerecorded the Loom of Maya and proceeded further to record the "Genetic Calibration Sequence" and the "Galactic Synchronization System" using a just tempered scale. [In an equal tempered scale, each of the tones in the scale are evenly spaced per octave. In a just tempered scale, the tones are not perfectly spaced, rather they are offset by a few "cents" (100ths of a tone), plus or minus, depending on the tone.] Years later, she was able to generate the CHS's exact frequencies and recorded the remainder of the Tzolkin translations using them.

[Relative to the video translations, without the wherewithal to express the exact light hues corresponding to the sound frequencies, the color tones are relative to specific, corresponding sectors of the light spectrum rather than the specific, corresponding light wavelengths.]

What It Does

The Tzolkin translations operate on the principle of pattern recognition. Each of Its sequences is a binary pattern; one part playing in the left channel and the other in the right. When exposed to those recordings, the brain makes shifts in its reticular activation system and cortex in order to process the Information (relative to the Qualities of Universal Consciousness) expressed by those sequences. Generally, the shifts stimulate the growth of new neuronal connections, remarkably increasing synapses. The resulting cognitive enhancement extends to elevation of IQ and general consciousness, as well as the upgrade of the body's regenerative capacity, immune response and, most importantly, the attuning of one's consciousness to Universal Consciousness.

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