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Understanding the Nature of the Tzolkin, Consciousness and Elvea Systems: Intermediate II   (Top)

Frequencies of Time, the Mayan Sacred Calendar and Consciousness

Our common calendar, the "Gregorian Calendar", charts the frequencies of solar cycles during our planet's 365.25-day solar orbit. Essentially, that calendar is established on a cyclical pattern of 30-31 days, repeating 12 times per calendar round. Each day may be regarded as a cycle, but unlike the constancy of the Pythagorean Scale, there's no constant regularity or symmetry to it's flow; it simply details solar cycles primarily for the purpose of charting seasons for social and economic coordination.

In ancient Meso-America, Mayan astronomers discovered both the 365.24 solar calendar cycle and, most significantly, another calendar cycle built on a perfectly symmetrical, constantly regular series of 13 days which courses through 20 phases of evolution, (for a period of 260 days per calendar round.) Rather than charting just solar cycles, this calendar primarily charts psychogenetic cycles of Consciousness oscillating through the 13-day periodicity . Thus, similar to qualities of sound, radio and television waves, the frequencies of this calendar's cycles embody and express information essential to Qualities of spiritual Consciousness. This calendar is commonly known as the "Mayan Sacred Calendar", or the "Tzolkin."

The Tzolkin's 260-day cycle synchronizes with the Gregorian Calendar's 365.25-day cycle every 52 years. Using It as a calendar, the ancient Maya were able to track and accurately determine corresponding effects of the frequencies inherent to such cycles on human consciousness and planetary epochs, spanning millions of years. However, within the Mayan clergy, there was a much deeper understanding of the Tzolkin; there, in Its purest sense, the Tzolkin is regarded as a universal, periodic table of the harmonics of time-space embodying and continually and comprehensively expressing "every possible permutation of the One Giver of Movement [time] and Measure [space]", i.e. It is a Table embodying the cycles inherent to the Emanation of Divine Providence and the evolution of Universal Consciousness throughout the Creation.

The Tzolkin's Basic Woof and Warp (Weave)

The Tzolkin is like a Loom, having a woof and a warp relative to the weave of Universal Consciousness. There are 13 columns and 20 rows, as the Tzolkin's 13 fundamental days progress through 20 archetypal ideations. Thus, the sequence of each of its rows corresponds to the fundamental encoding of a particular Archetype of Consciousness. Those Archetypes are regarded as "Sacred Signs". As each of the 13 days represents a specific psychoactive and psychogenetic frequency or tone, with their collective sequence of tones, each Sign instills and engenders particular Qualities of Archetypes of Universal Consciousness within the individual's neuronal net and psyche.

Viewed graphically, with Sacred Sign 1 at the top of the Calendar's array and Sacred Sign 20 at the bottom, the Calendar is read vertically from top to bottom and left to right, beginning with "1" in the upper left corner and ending with "13" in the lower right corner. Reading the Calendar horizontally from left to right, we see the specific sequences of days, 1-13, corresponding to and composing each Sacred Sign. Hence, the sequence of days (or order of base frequencies) for the 1st Sacred Sign, Imix, is 1-8-2-9-3-10-4-11-5-12-6-13-7. Therefore, the second day/kin of Imix (row #1) is the 21st day of the Calendar's cycle and the 8th of the 13 fundamental tones. Furthermore, the fourth day/kin of the final Sign, Ahau (row #20), is the 40th day of the Calendar's cycle and the 2nd of the 13 tones.

Click on the image for a larger version of the Tzolkin

(Taking the Calendar at face value, there are apparent contradictions to the statement that each Sacred Sign has an unique sequence of 13 days/kin/tones. The base frequencies of the primary tone sequence for the Sacred Signs 1-7 are identical to those of the Sacred Signs 14-20. However, the Tzolkin's inner structure reveals subtones that are uniquely specific for each of the Calendar's 260 days. The primary tone of each day, the number of each kin's face value, has a unique combination of three additional subtones. Thus, four tones are required to electromagnetically express the full vitality of each unit/kin of each Sacred Sign. Therefore, for those who are familiar with esoteric philosophy, the Tzolkin's fundamental structure is a 4-pole Template, akin to the Tetragrammaton!)

Much more than a calendar, the Tzolkin is a Model embodying psychogenetic harmonic combinations and patterns of electromagnetic frequencies by Which the emanation of specific Divine Qualities is facilitated throughout the universe. It is a Model that is perennially represented by the energetic woof and warp of galactic celestial cycles, a Model that enables us to become familiar and synchronized with those cycles and the Qualities of Consciousness they express in order for us to more fully act and interact with and as those Qualities. The Maya regard this Model as an universally applicable Matrix embodying the Logic by which Spirit manifests and utilizes Movement and Measure (space/time) to propagate and sustain Universal Consciousness in humanity.

The Matrix Revealed

Observing planetary, solar and galactic systems through the lens of the Tzolkin, the Maya recognized the metaphysical correlations between macrocosmic cycles and those of the subtler realms of existence, including the psyche and spirit. They realized that the Tzolkin's permutations and the Qualities embodied by them are constant, on all planes, in all dimensions, expressing Logical correspondences and correlations between subtle and gross manifestations of Nature, e.g. between the archetypes of the Mind and the codons of DNA et al. In that light, they recognized the Tzolkin as a binary, Object-oriented Code (in base 20) by which information relative to Universal Consciousness and Being is both broadcast to and assimilated by the brain, DNA and individual consciousness. Furthermore, It is a Code by Which all aspects of the human being and the cosmos are inherently unified, brought into universal alignment and synchronized to effect the expression of Divine Being throughout the human being on all planes and in all dimensions.

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