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Vibration - The Underlying Nature of Everything


Basically, vibration is the underlying Nature of everything. Anything that exists has a vibration or is an aggregate of vibrations; anything and everything. In the physical world, those vibrations are embodied in atoms. The state of vibrations in the physical world ranges from solid, to liquid, to gas; hence the aggregate vibrations of the H2O molecule in its solid state are ice, in its liquid state are water and in its gaseous state are vapor, steam and clouds. Ice is dense and concrete, while vapor is ephemeral, but they are both comprised of the same basic molecular vibration, H20, at different vibratory states.

Along with other atoms, hydrogen's vibratory state can be elevated even higher to become light, as in the vast majority of stars. Same atom, same basic vibration, different vibratory state. Just as the vibration of hydrogen in ice can be accelerated into the stellar vibration of light, so the stellar vibration of hydrogen can be decelerated into water.

Metaphysical and Spiritual

The word "metaphysical" means above the physical. Just as the physical world is made of vibrations, so is the supraphysical world, metaphysics is the study of the correlations between vibrations of the physical and supraphysical dimensions. The main vibrations of the metaphysical realm are thoughts and emotions. Just as the vibratory states of the physical realm can be elevated and lowered, so can those of the metaphysical realm. For example, the higher the vibration of thought, the more intelligent and creative is the thinker and the lower the vibration of the emotions, the heavier and depressed are the feelings; hence a crass personality can become refined by a consistent refinement of one's thought behavior and anger management issues can be resolved by a consistent behavioral response based in love.

Beyond the metaphysical realm is the spiritual realm. Spiritually, the higher the spiritual vibration, the more Divine or in harmony with the Divine is the state of being in that realm. The Source, or God/dess is at the pinnacle of that realm, with angels, elves, humans, fairies and demons functioning in descending vibratory states below that One. (Of the subsequent beings mentioned, since the Divine created humans to be perfect expressions of Itself, humans are the only beings capable of practically changing their spiritual vibratory states by unifying their metaphysical vibrations with the spiritual vibrations of the Divine. As a consequence of doing so, the individual's mind and psyche become purified and enter into higher levels of Consciousness. Based on the correlations between the metaphysical and physical realms, this unity may extend all the way to the individual's physical body.)

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