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To assimilate these Qualities into your consciousness, we recommend 30-minute meditations, listening to the Sacred Sign pairs (with or without headphones) while pondering on their respective Qualities.

The Basic 30-Minute MBOW Meditation:

Take 2 minutes to center yourself, 26 minutes to sit immersed in the Archetypes, (13 minutes each), followed by 2 minutes to reorient on the normal duties of the day. Optimally, give yourself an hour and listen to each Archetype twice, followed by Its complement twice.

Envision yourself embodying and exhibiting the Qualities of the Sacred Signs, then listen to the Tzolkin translations relative to Them and imagine Them flowing through you; through your thoughts, emotions and body.  Maximum benefit from the MBoW can be gained by listening to a single or pair of Archetypes in a regular regimen, optimally upon awakening from the night's sleep and as you're going to sleep, for a minimum of 28 days before moving on to the next pair of Archetypes or single Archetype. Ideally, you may use the (Free) MBOW Extended Edition to experience recordings of each Archetype with the individual Day Tones embedded in them. (Alternately, you may just casually listen to the translations while you're working or doing some other activity, receiving both the cognitive enhancement benefits inherent to all of the Tzolkin acoustic translations, along with a less intensive immersion into and benefits from the translations relative to Consciousness.)

Whether you're using this MBOW Basic Edition or the (Free) MBOW Extended Edition, we hope these Tzolkin translations assist you in aligning yourself with the currents of Space/Time that progress Consciousness as well as in assimilating the 20 universal Archetypes of Consciousness into your personal experience and expression of Life. Continue to the next page to experience the Mayan Book of Wisdom.

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