About de Cygne

"de Cygne
is the alpha and omega of Art of Pop (AoP); the label's brain and creative heart, parent and child.  Effectively, de Cygne is a business entity, a music production entity and a music performance entity, functioning as both the root and part of the fruit of AoP

As a business entity, AoP's vision and all primary decisions and payments relative to the label are handed down and handled by de Cygne, sometimes in direct coordination with DarkMother.com LLC.  de Cygne issues all directives for the label and collects all of its revenues.

s a music production entity, de Cygne produces everything in AoP's inventory. 
de Cygne also provides music and audio services to others.
As a music performance entity, de Cygne is focused on producing and performing jazz vocalise and a cappella music, (including Dark Mother.com's "SanctuAria" series.)  After doing production for Alyras and Iluvamil and DarkMother.com's Elva Systems, this is the wing of Art of Pop that the artist behind the label retreats to in order to just let herself hang out and breeeeaaaathe.
In addition to being a musician, the artist is a writer who (as Rev. Michaele de Cygne) also pens inspirational, metaphysical and motivational aphorisms and insights.  Some of the artist's writings can be found in the label's year end publication, Archangel Diaries.

de Cygne
c/o Art of Pop
PO Box 883334
San Francisco, CA 94188
p. 415.902.8248
f.  973.909.8248

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