as changes go: Solo Voice Works of Michaele de Cygne

Double album of a cappella, solo voice improvisations, ranging in style from Gregorianesque, to Latin jazz, to Middle Eastern, to Native American and avant garde. For yoga, general listening, meditation and, as many people have discovered, pleasant stress relief in urban traffic during rush hour. This product has been used by many persons to aid them in transiting times of deep and intense physical, emotional and mental trauma.

Cycle I

Psalm I
Psalm II/Invocation
(Complete version)
Psalm III (Peaceful Warrior) Extended
Psalm IV
Psalm V/Sanctuary of the Dark Moon
(Complete version)

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Cycle II

Cloud Skipper
Prayer in the crack of a Wall
Catcher Dawn Extended
Introscape/Shadow of the Valley
Dream as Memory
Exo/Cry Darkly
(Complete version)

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