Audio Processing Services

Editing, Sound Design, Post Production, Mastering...

Meeting the mixing, audio editing, and sound design needs of
          Artists, Broadcasters, Podcasters, Ad firms, PR firms, Publishers,
                    Game Developers, Music Producers, Webmasters
, Educators...

  • Cleaning/restoring, and sweetening up existing tracks.
  • Microscopic audio editing; (i.e. down to hand-rewriting the waveform, if necessary).
  • Removing noise, and artifacts.
  • Slowing, or speeding up exisiting tracks, without changing pitch.
  • Pitch changing, while keeping the same tempos, and clarity.
  • Spoken word editing, (incl. reshaping words, changing accents in syllables)
  • Multilayering, and editing for ad spots...
  • Sound design.
  • Audio-to-midi; [best with solo instruments].
  • Syncing vocals to audio tracks--e.g. Hip-Hop, Rap, and "such-esque" verbal expressions combined with music, karaoke.
  • Syncing audio to video.
  • Creating medleys from multiple recordings.
  • LP to CD
  • Cassette to CD -- {we'd like to say "8-track to CD", however,... lol...}
  • Mixing
  • Mastering

Flat Fee: $50/hr.  
Estimate quoted.

Quick turn around. 
The BEST quality.

AoP Audio Processing


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.mov .mp3 .mp4
.mpg ogg .pca .raw .rm .sds .smp .snd .voc .vox .w64 .wav .wma .wmv .xac

When you need sound bytes prepared for broadcast, samples prepared for the Internet, film/video, music, games, or when you have any other audio editing need, AoP Audio Processing will fulfill it, quickly, and with the highest quality. If desired, we'll tweak your existing tracks to enrich them, and bring out their magic, and pizzazz. If you need sounds designed, we'll help you to create them. If you need to combine recordings of different audio quality into a reasonably seamless output; been there, do that. Low cost and on schedule too!

We're in the City of San Francisco, CA. Will work remotely with companies everywhere. No qualms about the type of company, [e.g. advertising, broadcast, film, music, religious, adult...], as long as the audio content is not expressive, or associated with child pronography, or harmful, (including hate content), or infringing on copyright, or libelous.

Give us a call, or drop an email us; we're ready to rock your roll when you are!

AoP Audio Processing


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