Who, What, Where Is homosexuality and/or transsexuality a sin?


        Arta Yána (AY [AR-tah YAAH-nah]) means "exalted holy place", or "exalted sanctuary", in the Elven language, Quenya. Arta
Yána is a sacred record label, based in San Francisco, CA, dedicated to a single mission*: Exalting the Anointed One/Christ, via the global distribution, promotion, and/or broadcast of music
nedia recorded by LGBT Christian (singer/songwriter-based) music ministries.

        We do not regard sexual, and/or gender orientation as criteria for determining the viability of music ministers; all we're concerned about it their relationship with Jesus, the Anointed One, and the Holy Spirit, their capacity to be dynamic conduits of the Love, and Light of God, with a particular focus on their musical talents, and how they embody them in recorded media. If they've got those areas covered, and they have a formal history of music ministry, (in a church, for at least one year), Arta Yána is all about enabling them to bypass the battlefield relative to them fighting anti-LGBT activities that undermine their abilities to serve the Lord via their musical gifts, just because they are not heterosexual, and/or of normative ("cis") gender.


        For Love's sake. To date, generally, the Christian religion has been remarkably assertive in being anti-LGBT;
hateful, even lethally so toward us. Christians who engage, and support such maleficence cite their religious convictions as justification for their expression of hate, anger, betrayal, denial, discrimination, and, sometimes, even mortal death toward LBGT persons--
"...in the Name of Jesus!", a Person who would have NEVer supported such thought, much less such behavior! 

Within the Church itself, that behavior manifests as denial of professional opportunities for, and blacklisting, and black balling of music ministers who are openly LGBT.
That's a profound degree of Anointed Love, Light, and Power that is forced to be quiet, or is completely drowned out by the arguments about rights, or wrongs of gender, and.or sexual orienation. Frankly, this author, and many other LGBT, and straight Christians are over it! We are through tolerating the climate of fear, confusion, and distrust that anti-LGBT activity breeds in our sanctuaries. Many of us who have been called to music ministry are just waiting for an opportunity, for a Christian record label that will not question our sexual, and/or gender orientation relative to choosing our music to market. AY is a solution to that problem--now, we have one.


provides such ministries/artists with two-year contracts, providing them global distribution, and regional promotion, (i.e. North America, Latin America, Asia/Australia/ MIddle East/Africa, Europe [including Russia]), designed to lift them you from obscurity, into high visibility (within the music industry, generally), and to enable their music to be heard by people everywhere, on, above, and beneath the surface of the planet. In a more perfect world, the boost we give them will ultimately enable them to minister/perform in the same mega-churches, and large venues in which comparable straight music ministries enjoy performing--along with those ministries!

Michael Joe Jackson said "Heal the world, make it a better place...!"  This is how we help to do so.


AY will begin presenting LGBT music ministries in 2015. We are presently receiving

Is homosexuality and/or transsexuality a sin?
        Our Official Response:
Arta Yána is a music company; inspired,
and [to the extent that we are able to humble ourselves before the Lord] guided by the Spirit of God. Apparently, the Lord (Jesus, the Anointed One) cares more about us fulfilling our ministry than He does about the answer to that question. If that's His disposition about it, that's ours too. Our ministry is to facilitate the global distribution of recorded music media by singer-songwriters who are Christian music ministries. That's all that matters here.


* Arta Yána is a sublabel of
Art of Pop. Art of Pop is a private music and media company based in San Francisco, CA, USA.

l** If your product has been excellently produced, but hasn't been mastered,
Art of Pop, will do so for you, (without you needing to look elsewhere for that solution.)

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